About limited editions

What is a Limited Edition Print?

A limited edition print comes into being when an image is produced in one particular format a limited number of times only, each being signed and numbered. Each print in an edition then becomes unique....eg; in an edition of 100, each print will be uniquely numbered, beginning with 1/100, followed by 2/100, 3/100 and so on until reaching the last of the edition which is 100/100.

Each set of identical limited edition prints are signed and numbered by the photographer. The image will not be published again in the same form other than perhaps a different size or paper-type, but, may be used for publication e.g. editorial (magazines/books) or CD sleeves. It is understood that once this edition number has been set, the photographer will not produce any further prints of that stated nature from this particular negative.

In the selection featured on these pages, all the above statements apply and once an edition is sold, it will never be produced in the same way again, they therefore represent a genuine collectable artwork. The number of prints in a limited edition set will vary - e.g. one set may consist of 250 prints, whereas another may be extremely limited with only 10 copies produced. Therefore, prices will also vary to reflecting this obscurity. All these details are listed on this site alongside the image, including sizes available.