About the Archive

Essentially, I’m a music fan lucky enough to have been employed as a photographer for over three decades by bands, magazines, record companies and publishers. In fact, at some point I’ve probably stood next to you at a gig somewhere in the world!

Inspired by a current project with Boston band Pixies I’ve been looking at images that have become historic moments in the Rock ‘n’ Roll timeline, especially those of gigs which really feel like windows in time.

At Phil Nicholls Archive you’ll see unpublished images from sessions that have never seen the light of day. You can buy these as signed, high quality fine art prints. Some are limited editions, all will be found at respectable prices.

People often ask about a shoot, ‘what was it like? so, I’ve included a few memories from each session. Remember, these are my initial favourites so keep checking for updates on the blog and at Phil Nicholls Photography Facebook page – there’s more on the way.